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Tips for Improving English Skills for Freelancers

A freelancer constantly has to serve clients from different countries. In this case, English is chosen as the language to communicate. The freelancers of our country struggle a lot in this matter. They always share with others in Bengali and must talk correctly with clients because of their weak English foundation. As a result, they […]

What kind of smart goals should freelancers set to be successful in their careers?

Setting goals is mandatory if you want to succeed in any work in life. Have you ever wondered how true this is? If you don’t think so, I’ll tell you. Be it any stage of a person’s life or any challenging situation, the chances of success are meager if one starts working without setting a […]

How to build up the ideal client community with the help of Instagram?

If a freelancer wants to build a stable career for the long term, he needs to know how to generate clients from various platforms outside the online marketplace. Platforms such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn or Instagram are very effective for generating clients. However, freelancers in our country need to learn more about how to get […]

Why are community and networking so valuable for freelancers?

Freelancing is a unique career choice where one can be one’s boss. No other career field offers the opportunity to earn while maintaining freedom and following your passion. But yes, in the current context, it becomes tricky if a freelancer tries to build his career alone without anyone’s help. So what can be done? Based […]

How can a freelancer find the perfect mentor for him?

The road to a successful freelancing career is tough and long. Do you know who helps to make this difficult journey easier in different ways? An expert mentor. Working under the guidance of an expert mentor, a freelancer can easily overcome various hurdles in his career path and establish himself as a successful freelancer. I’ve […]

How can freelancers handle burnout?

This term may sound unfamiliar, but I am sure every freelancer has faced this situation at some point in their career. What? Need help understanding? Let me explain in more detail! We all know that working in the freelancing field is more stressful than in other areas. Because a freelancer in this field has to […]

How does an accountability partner play a role in making a freelancing business successful?

Although everyone wants to succeed, this work is challenging. Think about it, what do we all do in the beginning to become successful? We set some goals and started working to achieve those goals. But we often need more focus, become demotivated, or need help to achieve our goals. This can be the case with […]

What is the most effective way to follow up with clients?

A freelancer has to follow various strategies to develop his business, client follow-up being one of them. Many find this follow-up too complicated. They think that if they follow up, the client will feel resentful and not want to continue working with them. But this is not the case. By following a few tricks, client […]

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