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Tips to Generate Clients from LinkedIn

Learn 20 Super Effective Tips to Generate Clients from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is very effective for generating leads outside of the marketplace. Regardless of the sector you are freelancing in, if you follow the right process, you will be able to generate long-term clients from this platform. In today’s article, I will tell you in detail about some essential tips for client hunting from LinkedIn. So let’s get started.

LinkedIn Tips 01

To find clients faster on LinkedIn, make sure your profile attracts potential clients the first time. How? Keep a very formal picture in the profile picture. Then, include three words in the headline that define your skills and expertise.

At the same time, in your bio, put your skills, experience, interest sector, achievements, etc., in detail so that everyone gets an idea about your background after reading it.

Besides this, add your education, work experience, training, certification, etc., information one by one. And yes, remember to add an updated portfolio and resume to your LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn Tips 02

Growing your network on LinkedIn should start by connecting with people you know who offer services in the same niche as you. Then, from the network suggestion section, you can find the profiles of your potential clients and send them connection requests.

In addition to this, you can find profiles of the companies and clients you want to work with by searching LinkedIn’s search bar. Not only this, joining various niche-based groups is also very helpful in increasing the network.

Also, with a little search, you will find the profiles of many influential people whose post reach is excellent. You can connect with them. Also, send connection requests to those who will view your profile.

LinkedIn Tips 03

A good option for freelancers to showcase their work is the Featured section of LinkedIn. Since this section is at the very top of the profile, if you upload your previous work samples here, a potential client will get an idea of the quality of your work as soon as they visit your profile.

There is no specific upload limit in this section, but it is advised only to upload necessary content. Instead, upload a sample of each of the services you offer.

You can also upload any certifications, awards, or achievements you have in this section. If you want to take full advantage of the Featured section, you must set the visibility of the profile to Public.

LinkedIn Tips 04

Currently, LinkedIn has a large number of active users, making it the perfect platform for freelancers to hunt for clients.

To easily connect with potential clients on LinkedIn, go to the Experience section of the Edit Profile and turn on the Freelance or Self Employed option.

If this option is on, everyone will understand that you work on a freelance basis. Then, you can highlight your skills, experience, and the type of clients you want to work with.

Also, when a client searches the search bar for hiring freelancers, your profile will be visible in the search results.

LinkedIn Tips 05

There needs to be more than just sending connection requests alone to build up connections with potential clients on LinkedIn. Instead, sending them a personalized invitation is the safe option.

A customized invitation is a message included when a connection request is sent to someone. This message is personalized according to the client’s profile and industry.

When you send a message in this way, the person who receives the message will understand that your intention is not only to sell services to him but that you are genuinely interested in connecting with him.

By doing this, you can create a positive impression on potential clients, which will multiply the possibility of working with them.

LinkedIn Tips 06

If you want to find clients on LinkedIn and work with them long-term, you need to increase engagement with them in several ways. Let me share a small tip in this regard.

As everyone knows, any topic on LinkedIn can be searched through hashtags. So, in the beginning, enter any hashtag related to your niche in the search bar. Then, you will see many posts that are related to your place.

Now, your task is to make valuable comments on those posts. This helpful comment can be done by replying to another person’s words, as well as separately.

In general, analysis in such a way that your statements come to the attention of potential clients. By doing this, you can easily increase your networking.

LinkedIn Tips 07

LinkedIn groups based on your niche. These groups are very effective in reaching potential clients. You will find many local and international groups based on your place if you search in LinkedIn’s search bar.

Join those groups and regularly share helpful content like short articles, banners, or videos. Also, helping someone when he wants help, participating in various discussions of the group, etc., will increase your familiarity with the group in a short time.

This will also increase the chances of getting job offers from clients. Again, after posting a client hiring in the group, if you reach them, it will be possible to get positive output.

LinkedIn Tips 08

When a freelancer starts growing his LinkedIn network, many potential clients start connecting to his network. Meanwhile, if you want to create a positive impression about yourself in their eyes, be regularly active on the profile and share various niche-related content and resources.

This content can be any essential experience of your career or multiple tips and tricks for the services you offer. If you want, you can also share various helpful images or video content.

But whatever content you post, make sure that it is of high quality and unique. Thus, the more useful content you share, the faster you can get the attention of potential clients.

LinkedIn Tips 09

Starting inbox conversations with clients on LinkedIn is tricky. Most freelancers focus so much on selling their services when texting that they lose the desire to reply to clients. So what can you do?

Try to convey to the client you are reaching through the message at the beginning that you have already done enough research about him.

If you find an achievement from his company or a post on his profile valuable to you, you can start a conversation about it.

Then, when the reply starts coming, slowly highlight the point that you are able to benefit them with your skill and expertise.

It is only possible to generate clients if you do it through a genuine conversation rather than trying in vain to sell the service at the beginning of the conversation.

LinkedIn Tips 10

A misconception many freelancers have about LinkedIn’s jobs section is that they need to post job offers on a freelance basis. However, many clients post in this job section to hire expert freelancers for their companies.

So, this section must be addressed. You can quickly check the availability of the type of job you are looking for in the job section by using the search bar.

However, in case of applying for a freelance project from here, it will be suggested to modify the resume according to the type of project and then use it.

Also, after applying to a project, remember to follow up by knocking on the person who posted the hiring.

LinkedIn Tips 11

Keywords and hashtags play a compelling role in increasing the reach of any post on LinkedIn and reaching the targeted audience.

So whenever you post any content on your profile, try to use some frequently searched keywords with the post. In this case, you can do keyword research before posting. Also, use some hashtags that are relevant to the center.

Since freelancers only post their niche-based content on their profiles, if keywords and hashtags are used, those posts can reach potential clients more quickly. It also increases the chances of creating new job opportunities.

LinkedIn Tips 12

When we shop from any online page or website, we remember to take a look at the review section there. This is equally applicable when clients hire freelancers.

That’s why when you’re client hunting using LinkedIn, always try to add recommendations from clients you’ve previously worked with to your profile.

How much this recommendation will increase your credibility with potential clients is beyond your imagination.

So whenever you deliver a service to a client, request them to leave an offer on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Tips 13

An effective hack for freelancers to generate clients from LinkedIn is to post their availability on their profile. Many times, a client may, after visiting your profile, feel that you are capable of providing services to him.

But he only knocked you again after understanding whether you were available for work at all. This is not unusual at all.

But you lost a client by doing so. To prevent this from happening, after a few days, post on your profile mentioning the clients you are available to provide services to and who you are interested in working with at the same time. Doing this will see many clients knocking you up for work.

LinkedIn Tips 14

Do you know? If you don’t update your LinkedIn profile information regularly, will a client never fully trust you? This is why freelancers should update their profiles regularly.

For example, you opened a LinkedIn profile while a student and now you are a graduate. Update this critical information in the Education section. Then, you did a new course.

Then, post the certificate of that course. Also, go to the skill section and add the new skill. Or you are working with a company on a project basis for some time. Include that, too, in the experience section.

If you update your profile like this, someone visiting your profile will actually understand that you are constantly trying to develop yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a positive impression on others.

LinkedIn Tips 15

LinkedIn is a professional platform. So there are some etiquettes to follow. For example, It is better not to post any funny or controversial posts on LinkedIn. Instead, always post your own niche-based content.

Also, be careful when posting pictures. Make sure your profile picture and cover photo are formal. Also, never share photos of your family and friends on LinkedIn. Again, only say hi/hello to someone’s inbox if necessary on this platform.

If you have to knock on someone, speak politely. Remember, this is not a social networking site like Facebook. So, definitely maintain your professionalism here.

LinkedIn Tips 16

If you want to promote your freelancing business more professionally on LinkedIn, you can create a company page.

Your personal profile is mandatory to create a company page. This page has to be opened by going to the Work icon of the personal profile.

In simple terms, a company page is much like a Facebook page. On this page, it is possible to do the marketing of the freelancing business more systematically.

On this page, you can share your freelancing business portfolio, reviews from previous clients, and various helpful content.

Along with that, the scope of being connected with many professional people and companies in one’s industry is created.

LinkedIn Tips 17

Tell me, why do freelancers put so much effort into growing their network on LinkedIn? Of course, to generate clients.

In this case, if you do not properly interact with the people you are connected with, then you will never be able to build up a genuine connection with them.

As a result, when you inbox them to influence them to take up your services, no matter how hard you try, the chances of a positive response will be low.

So, what do you do to increase interaction with your network? Comment on their posts regularly.

Try to congratulate them on their achievements, appreciate them if they like a post or if they post a suggestion, and help them by giving tips as much as you can.

LinkedIn Tips 18

A LinkedIn profile serves as an effective marketing tool for freelancers. If you properly utilize LinkedIn’s skills section, you can easily highlight your skillset and expertise in front of potential clients.

Just as you can add niche-based technical skills in LinkedIn’s skills section, you can also add soft skills. It is also advisable to keep your most expert skills early through the Re-order option.

But yes, never try to add more skills than necessary on LinkedIn. Because this can create trust issues in the minds of those who will view your profile, again, many times, you will see that many people have endorsed you in many skills that are not related to your service; in that case, remove those endorsements.

LinkedIn Tips 19

An effective hack to send messages to potential clients on LinkedIn and convince them to take up the service is to put a call to action at the end of the message.

A call to action is proof that you genuinely want to serve a person. As a call to action, you can link to your portfolio, provide your contact details, or simply ask if he is interested in further discussion with you.

Always remember that ending the conversation with a call to action makes it relatively easy to convince clients to take your services. Not only messaging, but you can also put a call to action at the end of your profile posts.

LinkedIn Tips 20

Freelancers often find opportunities to work with international clients through LinkedIn. So, to attract them, you have to post regular content on your profile and also communicate with them in your inbox.

In this case, the language of content or text is English. Many have spelling or grammatical mistakes in their content because they are weak in written English. These mistakes can lower your impression in front of a potential client.

So remember to take the help of different writing tools while writing content or text. If you want, you can activate the Google Chrome extension of Grammarly Tool.

It can detect mistakes in your writing. Also, if you want to increase the quality of the content, you can purchase a Grammarly paid Account.

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