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Why should freelancers use LinkedIn?

If you are a freelancer and looking to hunt clients outside of the marketplace, LinkedIn may be the perfect option for you. Do you know why? Let’s learn about the benefits of using LinkedIn from today’s article.

1. If you set up your LinkedIn profile correctly, add a portfolio, connect with potential clients in your niche, and actively post regularly, you’ll find clients in no time.

While there are opportunities to work on small freelance projects on LinkedIn, there are many freelancers who have been able to generate long-term clients from LinkedIn.

I have had many clients from LinkedIn that I have been fortunate to work with for a long time. Apart from freelance projects, if you want to do remote jobs, you will find many job opportunities on LinkedIn. If you are a freelancer and you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, create one today.

2. LinkedIn is a professional platform that is equally effective for job seekers as well as freelancers to find clients. Currently, the number of monthly active users of this platform is more than 310 million.

Most people think that LinkedIn is only used for finding office jobs and only employees of different companies are there. But the truth is that on LinkedIn, you will find potential clients from every sector of freelancing.

Not only that, nowadays, even big and small companies hire freelancers for various tasks. So whether you are a content writer or a web developer, if you use LinkedIn properly, you will never face a lack of clients, no matter what sector of freelancing you work in.

3. Portfolio plays a vital role in freelancing to find clients quickly. However, many need more money to build a portfolio site. You can convert your LinkedIn profile to a portfolio if you want.

How? In the About section of LinkedIn, you can write in detail your freelancing career goals, how long you have been working, and what category of services you are providing.

Apart from this, you can organize your skills, training certificates, or other achievements or awards information separately. You can also showcase your best works in the featured option.

I hope you understand that if you can organize your LinkedIn profile correctly, it will serve as your portfolio.

4. Freelancers face a lot of competition when it comes to finding clients outside the marketplace. In the midst of so much competition, an active LinkedIn profile comes in handy to influence clients to take services from you.

In fact, a LinkedIn profile presents a freelancer as a more professional and sincere candidate. Also, when potential clients go to your profile, they get all the information they need about you, such as your skills, experience, certifications, recommendations, work samples, etc., in a short time on one platform.

Then there will be no doubt about the quality and authenticity of the service provided by you. This increases the chances of getting a job.

So, if you want to stand ahead of other freelancers in this era of competition, then definitely create a LinkedIn profile and be active there.

5. Personal branding is essential if you want to build up a stable career in the freelancing field. If you’re going to do personal branding through a website at the beginning of your freelancing business, in that case, you will have to spend a lot of money, as well as maintain the website, which is undoubtedly quite time-consuming. You can do personal branding utterly free without a website if you want.

How do you know? By opening an account on LinkedIn. It is the only professional platform where you can promote your freelancing business without any subscription fees.

If you regularly post quality content on your LinkedIn account about your niche and services, share your various achievements, positive reviews from clients, etc…………

The work of personal branding will be done automatically. So whether you use LinkedIn or suffer in the future, that decision is entirely yours.

6. You must know that nowadays, many people are scamming freelancers in the form of clients. In fact, on most platforms, freelancers have yet to have an opportunity to learn potential clients’ information in advance.

On this occasion, a group of dishonest people create fake profiles and scams. However, if you are hunting for clients on LinkedIn, the chances of this type of scam being accepted could be much higher because there is an opportunity to view the profiles of potential clients and then connect with them.

That is, you can get an idea of whether someone is a natural or fake client by looking at their LinkedIn profile activity. For this reason, LinkedIn is very secure as an off-market platform for freelancing.

7. LinkedIn has become very popular over the past several years for generating clients outside of the marketplace. I have been able to create numerous high-paying clients using LinkedIn.

One of the advantages of client hunting using LinkedIn is that it is a professional platform, so if you properly reach out to potential clients, you can be pretty sure that you will get a reply from them.

This reply will only sometimes be positive, but if the tone and intention of your message are correct, if a client is not interested in taking services from you, he will also let you know.

And usually, if you send a text to someone’s inbox on LinkedIn, it takes little time to get a reply. If someone reads your message and is interested in taking the service, it can be found out very quickly.

8. Do you know one of the benefits of using LinkedIn to generate clients for freelancers? If you post by following some techniques on LinkedIn, you get a lot of reach in the post, which is not possible on any other platform.

Now, the question is, what are the rules to properly post on LinkedIn? Very easy! If you use a primary keyword and 5-6 hashtags related to the keyword in the LinkedIn post, you will see that your post will reach potential clients very quickly.

From there, you will have opportunities to work on new freelance projects. But in this case, definitely try to post regularly. Post at least one valuable piece of content every day, even if the workload is overwhelming. Because the more you post, the more reach your post will have.

9. The excellent opportunity for client hunting, as well as networking with freelancers and professionals from various sectors using LinkedIn, is something I can guarantee you won’t find on any other platform.

The most significant advantage of this networking is that you can learn a lot of new things, which will effectively help you grow your freelancing business.

For example, you can learn a new marketing hack from a digital marketing expert, learn how to write about your services more attractively from a content writer, and learn how to develop your agency from the work of an experienced freelancer.

You cannot understand this valuable knowledge by reading a book or watching a video. So, use LinkedIn to save time.

10. One of the advantages of client hunting for freelancing business through LinkedIn is that if you can maintain proper engagement with the people you have connections with, you are more likely to get clients from there.

For example, you post some helpful content related to your niche. Then, someone came and asked a question in the comments of that post.

Now, if you write the answer to that question in detail and reply to that comment, then the person who did the question will understand that you are a skilled enough person.

After that, if he ever needs any service related to your niche, he will knock you first. Here’s the fun of LinkedIn: the more engagement you have with your connections, the more likely you are to get clients.

11. Everyone knows that using LinkedIn helps freelancers to network and learn new things. However, LinkedIn’s advantage continues. If you properly network with other freelancers on LinkedIn, you may find that they will refer you for different needs.

If you take the help of LinkedIn to find clients, then you can learn a lot to develop the business further, and the opportunity to work with new clients will also be created.

If you are a freelancer and want to generate clients outside of the marketplace, then definitely create an account on LinkedIn.

12. If freelancers want to generate long-term clients outside of the marketplace, they can turn to LinkedIn for help. There are many advantages to using LinkedIn. One of them is the opportunity to do competitor research easily.

If you want to market your own freelancing business, you need proper content planning. For this content planning, you must know the patterns of content posted by people in your industry offering services to clients.

If you want, you can do competitor research using LinkedIn. If you search in LinkedIn’s search bar, you’ll find a wide variety of content from people offering services in your niche.

This will help you a lot when you plan content for your freelancing business. Not only this, you will get a clear idea about their activities if you visit their LinkedIn profile. I hope you understand how freelancers can benefit from using LinkedIn.

13. If you want to convert your freelancing business into a successful brand, having a company profile or business page on LinkedIn is very important.

Do you know why? If you have a company profile on LinkedIn and regularly share valuable content there, your profile will quickly rank on Google and other search engines.

By doing this, your freelancing business reputation will increase, and you will be able to get more profile visitors than before, which will help you convert your business into a brand by increasing sales. So, if you want to attract potential clients, remember to use LinkedIn.

14. There is no platform as powerful as LinkedIn to increase your credibility with potential clients. Do you know why?

You can get recommendations from your previous clients on LinkedIn. The suggestions you get on LinkedIn will always show on your profile, which will undoubtedly increase your credibility.

LinkedIn also has an option called Skill Endorsement. The more people you get endorsements for a skill, the stronger your expertise in that skill will prove to everyone.

As a result, when a potential client visits your profile, he will be sure that the quality of your service is up to the mark; that is, you will be able to create a positive impression in front of him. As a result, it will be seen that he will come to take service from you.

15. LinkedIn is the only platform where having a complete profile, sharing quality content, and maintaining engagement is definitely possible to generate clients.

You may be surprised to know that if a client finds your profile on LinkedIn satisfactory, he will knock you to work on one of his projects.

If you can negotiate appropriately in this case, then you can convert that client into a long-term client. I can guarantee that you will only find such an excellent opportunity to get clients on LinkedIn.

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