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English Skills for Freelancers

Tips for Improving English Skills for Freelancers

A freelancer constantly has to serve clients from different countries. In this case, English is chosen as the language to communicate. The freelancers of our country struggle a lot in this matter. They always share with others in Bengali and must talk correctly with clients because of their weak English foundation.

As a result, they need to understand the client’s requirements and provide the best service. But with some practice, it is possible to become proficient in English.

In today’s article, I will discuss some tips for freelancers to improve their English skills. I can guarantee that if you follow these tips, a freelancer will never have to face the problem of speaking English with clients again.

Why should freelancers be skilled in English?

In developing a career in freelancing, first developing skills in any sector and then starting work is given the highest priority. But to do well in this sector, no one pays much attention to the fact that you must have a good command of English. This is not true at all.

Because clients from most countries know English, they are comfortable communicating in this language. That is why when someone comes to build his career in the freelancing sector, he must be skilled in English and an expert in his industry. Experienced freelancers in English can easily understand the client’s demands and provide services to them. And clients also get the scope to talk freely.

Tips to improve English skills

I know a freelancer spends a large part of the day serving clients. Giving time to learn English is a bit difficult. But there is no substitute for regular practice in improving English skills. So, practice the tips that I will regularly give every day. Only then can you get sound output.

Tips 01

Having a strong English vocabulary is essential to communicate with foreign clients effectively. Remember, the more English words one knows, the better one can speak to the client. Try to learn at least one new word daily to increase your vocabulary. More than one is fine, but remember at least one comment per day.

First, buy a good dictionary to increase your vocabulary. From there, learn a new word with meaning every day and puzzle over how to make sentences with these words. The benefit of this is that apart from learning new words daily, you will also understand how to apply them in real life.

If buying a dictionary is not possible, use your smartphone. Install any dictionary from the play store or app store. Doing this lets you improve your English skills at any convenient time.

Tips 02

Nowadays, there are various YouTube channels for learning English where you can develop your skills for free. Since these channels are beginner-friendly, English is taught from the very beginning.

These YouTube videos teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, and Spoken English. Bangladeshi freelancers need help with grammar when sending messages or emails to clients in English and spoken English when talking to clients on the phone or via video calls.

You can make use of YouTube video tutorials to overcome these weaknesses. In this case, set aside a specific time in your daily routine to watch videos.

Tips 03

You can take any online or offline English course of your choice. Since these courses have to be done in exchange for money, different motivations work to complete these courses. If the modules of these courses are exciting and there are practice opportunities, then it is possible to develop your skills quickly.

Nowadays, various institutes offer high-quality online and offline online courses. Research them and find the perfect system for you.

But in this case, I suggest prioritizing the courses where there is an opportunity to communicate directly with the mentor. Because, often, freelancers need help understanding many things themselves. If you talk to the mentor, you can instantly clear your confusion.

Tips 04

You can read web blogs or newspaper articles to develop your English skills. If you keep an English newspaper at home, you can read its news. In addition to increasing your grammar skills, you can learn new words. If you want, you can also read the web version of these newspapers.

Apart from these, I suggest reading website blogs written in English. This is because these blogs are written using a simple language tone so everyone can understand.

That’s why if you habitually read blogs regularly, then as a freelancer, you will understand exactly how to send clients messages or emails in English. It will make communication more accessible on the one hand, and you will see that your confidence will gradually increase.

But read any newspaper or blog, and practice writing a little bit. Suppose you read a blog related to freelancing. After reading, summarise what you learned from that blog in Notepad. These tips are small but very effective in developing English skills.

Tips 05

Spoken English is a scary thing for everyone. Many freelancers can communicate beautifully in English in messages but feel nervous about speaking English with clients on the phone or via video calls. Watch different English series or movies to overcome this nervousness about spoken English. Watching movie series shows one can understand how real-life conversation is made in English. This will give you an idea of how to speak English to clients.

But don’t just watch movies or series; practice speaking English with your friends or family to improve your skills. Yes, there may be some inertia at the beginning, but grammatical mistakes are common. But don’t be demotivated. Practice speaking in different situations by standing in front of the mirror regularly. By doing this, you will not feel nervous like before.


These were some super practical tips to improve your English skills. I have focused the tips on freelancing so that they can adjust to their work routine and follow my directions. But in this case, improving English skills is not an overnight task. One can never become an expert in English by following tips. So practice with patience.

It should also be remembered that since English is not our first language, it is common to have some weaknesses in this language. So if you don’t see your improvement in the beginning, don’t be upset and return. Instead, keep trying, and you will gradually start to see your progress in English.

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