Yofoodie is a UK-based food delivery marketplace that allows you to select from Local restaurants. Yofoodie accepts orders via its website as well as mobile applications. The whole procedure goes how it connects customers with restaurants that offer food delivery in their respective areas & allows them to select orders & pay online. Yofoodie processes & directly send orders to the restaurants which will then deliver to their customers. Also, Yofoodie and sends a message to confirm their orders & their estimated delivery.


We’re a bunch of tech-savvy takeaway enthusiasts who think the current food-tech ecosystem is really dull and bad for food businesses and delivered food consumers. We’re challenging the status quo with a particular emphasis on commission charging platforms and crappy do-it-yourself system providers.


Responsibility :

  • Social Media Strategist
  • SEO Specialist


Project Name:Yofoodie
Client:Jason Whale , UK